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Pumpkin + Tetris = Pumpktris

For Halloween I made a little Tetris-themed pumpkin… that you can actually play Tetris on by moving the stem back and forth to control your piece. You can read all about it and even watch a video here on my project blog:

I’m in a bit of shock right now because the video has gone slightly viral, with over 36,000 views in the last day and over 5,000 people visiting my site to read about how it was made. My normal traffic there might be 50 a day. I guess an interactive pumpkin is just what the world needed right now.

EDIT 10/30: 320,000 views of the video so far, 14,000 hits on my blog today, 2 segments on the local news, 1 article in the paper, featured on Discovery Channel Canada, and with 15,000 results now in Google for “pumpktris.” Wow!

EDIT 10/31: 834,000 total views of the video, 35,000 hits on my blog on Wednesday alone, and 235,000 Google results. The news stories got pushed out across the country to local affiliates in at least Seattle and San Diego based on reports from friends. 

NBC News: Man Thinks Outside the Box with Tetris Pumpkin

ABC News: Man Creates Pumpktris: A Fully Playable Tetris Game Inside a Pumpkin

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not: Top Ten Pumpkin Countdown (#1 of course)

Bored at a Halloween party? Time for some secret … – Ars Technica

Tetris or treat! Playable pumpkin Tetris haunts … – CNET News

Can your jack-o-lantern play Tetris? Vancouver programmer takes carving to electronic level

Creative Vancouver man turns pumpkin into Tetris game

p.s.  If you want to share this outside of close friends and family, please link to the site instead of this so the personal can stay more personal.

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