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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

At the Camas Days festival we recently went to Everett was totally smitten with a booth run by the high school robotics club. In an event with parades, inflatable bounce houses, and bathtub races, this is what our little tech wizard gravitates toward. He got to operate two different robots and got an in-depth look at the internal mechanics of one of them after impressing the teacher with his questions.

One of the designs was pretty simple, so we decided to build our own version of it. Everett helped from start to finish, first drawing a plan that I translated into something buildable, then drilling holes, helping pick out parts, and putting it together.

Lining up the bit to drill holes in the aluminum chassis I milled.

Helping take measurements of a control switch, so we know what size hole to drill.

Everett mounted the wheels on the chassis.

First test drive, but something's missing...

It needs some googly eyes!

He’s named his robot “Mouse.” Admittedly, it’s more of a slow, wired remote control car at this point, but the cool thing is that down the road we can add sensors or microcontrollers on it for automation. If you come to visit, he might let you take Mouse for a walk.

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