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Big-Kid Bed for Our Big Kid

At almost four and a half years old, Everett was starting to get cramped in his toddler bed. We wanted a big-kid bed but didn’t want to lose the floor space that a big-kid bed would take up. What to do? Build up!

We started with a bunk bed from Ikea, then got rid of the bottom bunk and cut down the supports so the bed was about a foot lower. I built a custom ladder that was easier to climb than the original and put lighting in each step so it was a little safer at night. The rungs and frame of the old ladder became the supports for some big storage shelves for all of Everett’s beloved board games. His model train layout rolls out from underneath on casters.

We were a little worried about the height, but Everett figured out the ladder quickly and has been very conscientious about the rules we set, taking care to announce to every new visitor that there’s “absolutely no standing up or jumping on the bed.” Just in case you were thinking about doing that.

We’ve actually got more space in his room now than before, since the train layout fits perfectly in the footprint of the bunk when it’s not in use. It’s great having his floor available for games, Lego, and other play, and having some of our living room space back too.

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  1. G.A. Sally says

    Great use of space, very inventive!!

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