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Cyclocross in Seattle

Everett and I were in Seattle a few weekends ago for two days of boy-and-dad adventure that included a train ride, a trip on the ferry to Bremerton, and a tour of a destroyer, but it was that Sunday’s cyclocross race that really caught Everett’s attention. Bicycle racing in the dirt and mud? ¬†Who can pass that up?

Warming up before his race.

Everett took it all very seriously, insisting that I go get his bike from the car long before his race so he could warm up by zooming back and forth on some grass off the course and hopping his front wheel up and down.

When the race before his finally finished, Everett joined the crowd at the packed starting line.

I've never seen so many balance bikes together at one time.

The kids’ course was an abbreviated version of the adult course, but regrettably had none of the barricades of the longer course. Everett had been eager to dismount and climb over these like the big folks did. There was still plenty of fun to be had on the grass and mud, though, with hills and sharp corners to navigate.

Go Everett!

Cruising down the straightaway to the finish line.

But the best part of the race was getting to hang out before and after with our friend Stella and her family (her papa Brian was also racing that day, although in a different division than Everett).

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