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Track or Treat

When Everett tells you he wants to be a train engine for Halloween, you know he doesn’t just mean some generic choo-choo or even Thomas the Tank Engine. No, our little trainspotter specifically asked to be a GE Dash 9-44CW.

Never one to back down from a crafting challenge, I jumped in with some styrofoam and foam core board, and with Everett’s help painting and pointing out important details (“You need a radiator here.” “You forgot the brake wheel.”) we put together a pint-sized locomotive.

Our Halloween started with a trip down to the train yards (has that phrase ever been typed before by anyone?) where we were lucky to find a full sized locomotive next to the passenger terminal for us to take picture with.

From there we dropped in on the BNSF offices where Everett was the hit of the day. They weren’t expecting trick-or-treaters, so instead they gave him a hat and a pin out of their supply closet. Between those goodies, all their attention, and being inside what must have seemed the inner sanctum of the Church of Railroad (train posters on the wall, train models, maps of the trainyard, and more), Everett was giddy. ¬†And he hadn’t even had any candy yet!

Back at home, the sun started to set so we hit the sidewalk and turned on the costume’s lights. It wouldn’t be safe to operate a 200 ton locomotive without lights, after all.

We had a fun night going around the neighborhood, but learned that there are so many more houses with stairs going to the front door than we thought, and trains do not handle stairs well. Also, at some point two wheels came off; we’re waiting for the NTSB report, but the initial investigation points to “jumping off the curb” as the cause.

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  1. G.A. Sally says

    I told Dick that Everett wanted to be a train engine for Halloween and said that I didn’t see how you were going to pull that off. Wow! Now I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do, Nathan! That has to be one of the most unique costumes ever. It’s amazing!

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