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Card Carrying Member

The very first order of business today on Everett’s fourth birthday was to get his own library card. There’s no minimum age set by the library, but we wanted to wait until he seemed old enough to understand the responsibility and was was able to apply for himself. We had picked up an application beforehand, and Everett filled it out last week. Then today he carried it to the desk and declared firmly “I would like a library card please.” Sometimes I can’t believe the little squalling bundle we met four years ago has grown into this amazingly capable and confident young man.

With all the care that an important occasion like this merits, he studiously “signed” his name on the back of his new card.

And now he’s an official card-carrying patron of the local library, able to check books out all by himself. The first two he got are — surprise — all about trains. He carried the card around all day in his front pocket, and at night before he went to bed he put it in a place of honor squarely in the middle of the ottoman in the living room.

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  1. G.A. Sally says

    Congratulations, Everett. Getting your own library card is important business and everyone is very proud of you. I hope you had a great fourth birthday yesterday. Now you are even a bigger boy! Love, Aunt Sally

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