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One of Everett’s favorite toys around the house now is a Snap Circuits kit I got for my birthday. It’s similar to the old 150-in-1 electronic project kits that I had as a kid, but instead of wires and springs, all of the components are housed in sturdy plastic cases with clothing-style snaps on the end. The different pieces click together just like the snaps on Everett’s jeans to build all manner of electronic circuits.

It comes with two books of over 300 projects that he sometimes likes to build with us, and sometimes likes to build on his own. His favorite is an AM transistor radio that uses almost all of the pieces in the kit. He’ll carefully put all of the pieces together, then lay on the floor and with the finest twist of his fingers try to dial in something through the static. Usually it’s mariachi station that I don’t think our other radios can even pick up.

Yesterday I walked in on this scene. Had he build a breathalyzer?  A kissing robot?

No, he’d followed the instructions in the book and put together a Blow-On Doorbell, which turns on to play a tune when you blow across a microphone. Except Everett doesn’t just blow across the microphone, he gives it mouth-to-mouth.

I love seeing the joy he gets every day from building projects and learning new things. He’s figured out this is a weak spot with me, though, and sometimes when we need to leave something behind he doesn’t use the line “but I want to play with it more,” but instead he pulls out “but I need to see how it works.”

It’s impossible for me to say no.

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