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Modern Art

This idea for an art project turned out to be some of the most fun we’ve had together in a while. Everybody got to take part, and the finished result looks pretty darn good on the wall too!

Get a mounted canvas and cut some strips of cardboard about four to six inches wide to go around the outside. Staple and tape the cardboard around the canvas like a fence, and make sure it’s solid because there’s going to be some crashing into that fence. Gather up a collection of balls of different sizes and weights. Squirt a blob of paint onto the canvas, then turn the balls loose! Tilt, turn, lift, and twist to drive the balls through the paint and around the canvas!

Golf balls are good because they’ve got enough weight to plow through a big glob of paint, but the dimples leave a pattern in their trail. Regular marbles were a little bit too light and would get stuck in some of the paint, but bigger “shooter” marbles were good. Sometimes we mixed colors, but for the last few we let it dry between sessions so it wouldn’t turn too muddy.

It all starts with one ball in a blob of paint. Where things go from here depends on gravity, viscosity, and the creative mind.

Patterns begin to emerge as the artist gets a feel for his medium.

Sara looks on while new colors are added.n

Time for a punch of red!

Sometimes the artist likes to work alone...

...and sometimes he prefers collaboration.

We thought it was worthy of hanging in the living room, but Everett insisted it go in his room. If you’d like to see it in person, the gallery is open by appointment only.

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  1. LRP says

    I’d be impressed even if he weren’t my grandkid!

  2. ed luhmann says

    We surely enjoy reading your log, Nathan. This will be a wonderful record for Everett to review later on. He is certainly a very smart boy and you and Sara can be justifiably proud of his accomplishments. Tell him that art interests and skills apparently run in the family at least on Grandma Ropers side while the sciences are strong with you and the uncles. Everett should be well rounded. Have him keep up with the golf. It’s a great socializer and just fun.

    Seems like the B day was a success!

    All our love and best wishes to you guys,

    Ed and Julaine

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